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Families_Share offers a bottom-up solution to work/life balance by supporting families with childcare, parenting advice and after-school activities—with a particular focus on low-income families. To achieve this objective the project borrows and integrates concepts from the Time Banks and Social Streets models, and seeks to harness the potential of ICT networks and mobile technologies to increase the effectiveness of participatory innovation in the sense of self-organizing neighbourhoods.

The project is developed in 6 Pilot Cities in 5 countries and involves parents of children aged 3–11 that live in the same neighbourhoods in the 6 Pilot cities (Bologna, Gyor, Kortrijk, Thessaloniki, Trento, Venice). Though, they often already participate in parents’ groups, parents often fail to formulate organized motivated communities that share knowledge and services. The Families_Share project enables them to meet locally and co-design internationally the Families_Share Share Platform that will allow them to post challenges, share learning sources, meet up, match their needs and profiles and agree on timesharing schemes for mutual support in childcare and after-school activities to improve their work/life balance and increase the quality of learning opportunities for their kids.



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Families_Share will be deployed within different settings and environments in seven EU cities where participatory needs analysis, co-design and co-creation processes will be set up, leading to the development of the first Families_Share Platform prototypes that will trigger socially innovative models for socialising childcare in urban neighbourhoods. Digital social innovation processes will be supported by communication and dissemination efforts and the whole local experiment will shape the Families_Share CityLabs, which will include efforts to raise awareness, build sustainability and encourage further exploitation at national level. The cultural and socioeconomic impact will be measured at a local and international level.


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