Family Cafe in FBK, Trento (Italy)

Family Cafe in FBK, Trento (Italy), 30/01, 31/01, 03/01/2020

Before the start of the second round of pilot activities, 3 Family Café have been organized in the two different facilities of FBK, one in the Trento city center and one in the Povo building. The main goal was to lunch the second round of pilot activities: i) present the upcoming (at the time) scheduled activities, ii) encourage employees’ active participation, iii) present the new functionalities of the app and iv) support employees in downloading and using the app. FBK project partners informally collected feedback from employees to improve the design and planning of the pilot initiatives. During the 3 events coffee was offered to participants and, similarly to the other Info Points, flyers were distributed, and posters were used to inform participants and collect their feedback and suggestions.

Participants (engaged) estimated number and type: About 60 employeesResults:  Dissemination of Families_Share goals and approach, feedback collection and support in installing and using the app, engagement of new participants in pilot activities.