Public Deliverables

D.Num Deliverable Title Lead beneficiary Download
D1.1 The Families_Share framework, and local and international user needs and requirements FBK Coming Soon
D1.2 Families_Share mobile-based services definition FBK Coming Soon
D1.3 Behavioural mapping and engagement toolkit for Families_Share imec Coming Soon
D2.1 Services design and deployment environment ViLabs Coming Soon
D2.2 Families_Share Platform v1 ViLabs Coming Soon
D2.3 Families_Share Platform V2 ViLabs Coming Soon
D2.4 Families_Share documentation ViLabs Coming Soon
D3.1 D3.1 Methodology of pilot testing and evaluation & Guidelines for Community Managers FBK Coming Soon
D3.2a Interim Evaluation report of pilots 1  (M15, M30, Task leader: Smart Venice) SmartVenice Coming Soon
D3.3 Evaluation report of pilot 2 SmartVenice Coming Soon
D4.1 IA methodology imec Coming Soon
D4.2 Report on the assessment of the platform imec Coming Soon
D4.3 RRI evaluation report Smart Venice Coming Soon
D4.4 Perceived behavioural enablers and barriers for uptaking the Families_Share solution imec Coming Soon
D5.1 Online Communication Campaign Design & Contents REC Coming Soon
D5.2 Success Stories Videos ViLabs Coming Soon
D5.3 Report of awareness Campaign and events ViLabs Coming Soon
D5.4 Report on Sustainability models and Exploitation plan, and on Policies recommendations ViLabs Coming Soon
D6.1 Project Handbook and Data Management Plan UNIVE Coming Soon
D6.2 Trust and Safety Framework Report FBK Coming Soon
D6.3 Final Report UNIVE Coming Soon
D7.1 Ethic Requirement N. 3 (measures taken to prevent the risks of enhancing vulnerability/stigmatization) UNIVE Coming Soon
D7.2 Ethic Requirement N. 4 (incidental finding policies) UNIVE Coming Soon
D7.3 Ethic Requirement N. 5 (ethics approval for the research and the platform) UNIVE Coming Soon
D7.4 POPD – Requirement N. 6 (National Data Protection Authorities and DPOs) UNIVE Coming Soon
D7.5 Ethics Requirement N. 7 (collection and processing of personal sensitive data) UNIVE Coming Soon
D7.6 Ethics Requirement N. 8 (data collection, data storage, data preservation strategy and data transmission) UNIVE Coming Soon

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