The complete list of the Families_Share press releases, popularized and scientific publications issued by the project.
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Leonardi, C., Schiavo, G., & Zancanaro, M. (2019). Sharing the Office, Sharing the Care? Designing for Digitally-mediated Collaborative Childcare in the Workplace. In Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Communities & Technologies-Transforming Communities (pp. 239-249). Scientific publication 19 June 2019 This paper presents findings from a participatory design process for a collaborative childcare service based on coworker participation and supported by a digital sharing platform. We conducted semi-structured interviews, focus groups and codesign workshops with 41 employees and HR managers of six knowledge organizations. We investigated their views on participative forms of welfare, the factors that can sustain or hinder collaboration among co-workers and the role technology can play in sustaining these practices. The findings shed light on perceived values and potential barriers of social and organizational arrangements as well as the mediating role of interpersonal trust, social exchange and reciprocity. Furthermore, the results provide insights on how digital platforms can support orchestration and management of collaborative practices grounded on employee participation and on the interplay between work and family life spheres. Click here
Casula, M., Leonardi, C., & Zancanaro, M. (2020). How does digital technology impact on the co-production of local services? Evidence from a childcare experience. Public Money & Management, 1-11. Scientific publication 20 February 2020 By combining the academic literature on public administration and public management with that on human–computer interaction, this paper contributes discussions about how digital technology can support the co-creation of public value in co-production activities. The authors examine two case studies of participatory requirements elicitation for a technology used to support childcare services. Digital technology was intended to satisfy ‘ancillary values’, which are the values that support the main value associated with the service and that constrain how the co-production is operated. The authors’ analysis clarifies how the instrumental and the institutional roles of the technology intersect and fulfill each other. When designing technology to support the co-production of a public service, focusing on the functional role alone will limit the value of the exercise. This paper describes the design requirements of a digital platform for the co-creation of childcare in two different communities—a neighbourhood and a private organization. The paper will have value for anyone interested in understanding the possible impact of digital technology on co-creation of value in co-production activities for the co-design of public services. Click here
Schiavo, G., Leonardi, C., & Zancanaro, M. 2020. Values and Practices behind Collaborative Childcare in Knowledge-based Organizations. Technology Innovation Management Review, 10(5): 41-50. Scientific publication May 2020 The results of the first Families_Share pilot that took place in the workplace (FBK premises), discussing benefits and challenges on welfare policies and family-friendly practices based on the co-participation of employees in the workplace. Click here
San Donà aderisce al progetto “Families Share” Press release 23 June 2020 Press release Click here
San Donà/Con Families share una App e un team a supporto delle famiglie Press release 23 June 2020 Press release Click here
Comunicato Stampa. Al Via Il Progetto Families Share: Una App E Un Team A Supporto Alle Reti Familiari Per La Conciliazione Press release 23 June 2020 Press release Click here

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