It takes a village to raise a child!

The Venice CityLab is being coordinated by Smart Venice. Local activities are hosted mainly at the Laguna Libre cultural centre (which has two main rooms with an overall seating capacity for 90 people), as the historical centre is the main pilot site. Outreach to the mainland will be ensured by the Venice City Council Directorate for Educational Services and the Sumo-LabAltobello communities.

Venice CityLab

Families_Share is the solution

Summer/Winter Activities

Are you looking for childcare solutions during the summer/winter holidays?  Families_Share offers a bottom-up solution to self-organize childcare activities during the summer holidays! Groups self-organize and people take turns to look after the children 

After School

Are you looking for educational and fun after school activities? Families_Share is here to help you organise after school activities supporting the socialisation of your children, such as theatrical plays, music or painting lessons, sports events and other creative and educational activities.

Walking Bus

Are you looking for ways to introduce walking to your children’s habits? Use Families_Share application to organise walking busses to and from your children’s school.
“Healthy minds in healthy bodies” is our saying!

How Families_Share can help you?


Get inspiration for organizing activities for children


Connect with other parents to build a trusted community


Create or join a group in your Families_Share CityLab


Use the app on your phone or in your web browser to organize and communicate with your group

How it works? Check the community Guidelines!

Check the available locations/periods

Find or create a group

Start organizing

Become member of  our community

Receive support for managing insurance and safety issues

Plan an agenda using the app, take turns and

Have Fun!

Take a look at the Families_Share guidelines to learn how you can start a trustful network with other parents and have fun with collaborative childcare.

Taking care of more children of different ages it is really a new and very stimulating experience, that allows you to take out your unknown resources!!

Ana - Venice CityLab Parent

Families_Share is an opportunity for us and for children to be together and to share play-time in an alternative way!!

Nadia - Venice CityLab parent

Families Share is a nice project because as a parent it asks you to show your creativity and to take out all your desire to play

Sofia - Ergani CityLab Parent

The beautiful aspect of the project lays exactly in the trust that you need to bring out and rediscover!

Maria - Venice CityLab parent

Let's end the daily pressure that families experience and focus on developing solutions that respond to actual day-to-day needs!

Families_Share Team

Flexible solutions for sharing and socialising childcare needs! - That's what Families_Share is all about!

Mina - Destuyverij CityLab Parent

We have to start organising in a different way!

Milena - Venice CityLab Parent

The struggle is real!

Gabriella - Gyor CityLab Parent

Families_Share Team!

Families_Share Team

"Being #together even with other adults makes me safer" 💪

Maurizio - Venice CityLab Parent

Families_Share is a positive example also for our society, because we have forgotten this aspect of being well together, of creating a mutual-help community, that we do not have to grow just individually, together we grow!

Milena - Venice CityLab Parent

Find out more about the project and the ways our app can support you by watching interviews of parents taking part in our activities

Families_Share CityLabs around Europe

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