Families – Share partners meet in Limassol to co-design the future of childcare

Families – Share partners meet in Limassol to co-design the future of childcare

Limassol, Cyprus June 18-19. 2018

Families – Share partners held a two-day workshop on the 18th and 19th of June. Representatives of UNIVE (IT), FBK (IT), Smart Venice (IT), ViLabs (CY), De Stuyverij (BE), IMEC (BE), URBANISTA (DE) and REC (HU) attended.

On the first day, partners discussed users’ engagement, needs’ analysis, behavior analysis strategy and co-design and overviewed the activities of CityLabs. The CityLabs reached out to local parents to better understand their childcare routines and to ask for their feedback about how the future Families – Share IT platform can help them organize childcare activities with other parents. This in-depth analysis served to both asses the needs and the possible challenges local CityLabs might need to solve once the activities launch next year onwards. In the workshop, a long time was dedicated to identifying the most relevant services and functionalities, with dynamic discussions about the different needs of CityLabs that come from their diverse international contexts.

On the technological side data protection, management and platform opportunities and limitation have also been examined. This was followed by an impact assessment, what the Families – Share plans to achieve so that Families – Share initiative can have a lasting effect beyond the project’s end in October 2020. Partners also discussed ongoing and future communication and dissemination plan to reach out to the residents, the wider public, and policymakers. To this end, the Families – Share project was already introduced on the Digital Social Innovation (DSI) Fair earlier in June in 2018.

About Families – Share

Families _Share aims to help parents who look for ways to create a work/life balance in a world where this became more challenging.

The economic crises that affected communities across Europe changed the job market. There is more unemployment, part-time employment, and increased workloads. Decreased welfare funding and limited childcare services add more pressure on families with young children.  Educational opportunities and after-school activities are harder to afford especially for mid and low-income families.

The Families – Share project aims to help parents living in the same community to self-organize and share childcare amongst themselves in an affordable way. With their contribution, an IT platform to organize co-playing activities will be developed. The resulting programs aim to include after-school educational and leisure activities so that children learn new skills while having fun. Meanwhile, the parents build a strong community, help each other wild childcare needs, share time and help pioneer a new and innovative approach to childcare.


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