I tre giorni del welfare. Bologna si prende cura. (Three days of welfare. Bologna takes care)

Three days of welfare. Bologna takes care!

Type of event: Public event organized by the Municipality of Bologna

Date 02/03/2019

Location Salaborsa – public library in the city centre

Description: Bologna municipality organized the “Three days of welfare event” to collect all welfare local initiatives and actions, giving to the associations space where to present their activities. MammaBo and Dadamà stand hosted the Families_Share project.

It was a public event concerning social welfare offers in the local territory of Bologna. There were separate stands for each association or local reality that wanted to participate and present their own proposal to the public, hosted in a public building in the city centre.

Participants (engaged) estimated number and type: around5 people belonging to the civil society, and 50 people of the general public received the project flyers, asked questions about the project, and did the usability test of the app.

Families_Share Partners attending the event: Mammabo and Dadamà

Results: Presentation of the project to the citizenship, distribution of flyers, and Families_Share app usability tests have been made.