Gezinsconferentie 2019,

Gezinsconferentie 2019, Odisee – Campus Schaarbeek, Huart Hamoirlaan 136 – 1030 Brussel, 10 March 2019

During the Gezinsconferentie, the Kenniscentrum Gezinswetenschappen (Odisee University) and the Gezinsbond, presented the results of their exploratory research into citizen initiatives that focus on families. The research mapped the different types of initiatives, then investigated what facilitating and restrictive factors are needed and what role the various supporting organizations and governments can play for citizens’ initiatives. The research also formed the basis of an inspiration guide full of practical examples and useful tips for existing citizens’ initiatives or anyone who has ideas to start an initiative in the future.

In the afternoon, Families_Share partners organised a workshop: “From civil organisation to impact company, the case of Cokido/Families_Share”.

Participants (engaged) estimated number and type: general Public: 22, Policy makers:4.

Results: The workshop: how to go from a citizens’ initiative to an impact company was formed around the Cokido/Families_Share Platform. What phases did we go through, how did we find other people to join and how did we keep the project sustainable. Because of the very clear road Cokido/Families_Share took we helped participants on how to build strong communities with little or no resources of their own.