Gender innovation & Communication Regional training course “Veneto in Azione”

Participation to a Conference: Innovazione e Comunicazione di Genere (Gender innovation and Communication) Regional training course “Veneto in Azione” funded by ERDF, Mestre (Venice), 17.04.2019

This training course, promoted in synergy with the Equal Opportunities Commission of the Veneto Region, intended to present and discuss topics in support of an inclusive approach to innovation and communication, proposing existing methods, tools and projects or good practices with a highly interactive approach, workshop and oriented to policy design and planning practices, with an European perspective. During this event, one of the community managers, Maria Sangiuliano, was the leading trainer. She discussed and presented in detail the Families_Share project, as a good practice in work-life balance.

There were 40 participants, among which city councilors and assessors from all over Veneto, members of regional equality bodies, representatives of trade unions and NGOs