Family Festival 2019

Family Festival 2019 – Trento (Italy), 4 December 2019

The Family Festival held in Trento in December 2019 was organized by the Family Agency of the Province of Trento with the aim to promote a reflection on policies to encourage families-friendly practices within companies and organizations. Within this festival, project partners presented the Families_Share experience in FBK during the workshop “The Challenge of Change to Generate Well-Being in The Business and the Society.” The workshop was useful to raise awareness of companies and organizations about the opportunities offered by the project and to share experiences related to childcare within organizations. During the workshops, different experiences concerning Work-Life Balance were presented and discussed in different thematic groups.

Participants (engaged) estimated number and type: About 30 HR representatives and Work-Life Balance experts.

Results:  Dissemination about Families_Share goals and approach, collection of feedbacks by companies and organizations, identification of potential organizations to involve in the experimentation.