Families_Share App &handmade soaps – ornaments

Finding all about Families_Share application while making handmade soaps – ornaments

Ergani organized on the 11th and 13th of December, two very interesting Christmas activities for children and parents with the support and endorsement of the Municipal Library of Sykes. Ergani Community managers co-played with children and made handmade soaps – ornaments, while more than 40 parents have been informed about the project and its’ ways to support childcare! A detailed presentation of the project, along with the Families_Share application, was made. Moreover, parents stated their needs and ideas, embracing the role of human sensors, willing to spread the concept and the solution around their communities. Members of the City Council and Vice-Mayors were also present, stating their official support to the project activities. The event was widely disseminated on local and national websites and news portals.