De Stuyverij CityLab COVID-19 activities

De Stuyverij CityLab COVID-19 activities

Co-playing at home
The CityLab of Kortrijk got prepared for childcare when the COVID-19 restrictions became less strict. In former situations, groups co-played in schools and public places, forming groups of +10 parents. They have adjusted these guidelines and formed a new way of co-playing at home. This provided an easy, low threshold solution for parents that want to experiment with the platform and have informal childcare without much planning. Our application supported these parents in forming their group and plan all the logistics. For this new way of co-playing, a new set of guidelines was created, and new talks with the insurance companies were set up to guarantee the safety of the children during the activities. 

The Rainbow-pancake-cake challenge
The Cokido/De Stuyverij CityLab Families_Share team has been pondering about what do to help support the parents during these challenging times. Times of combining work, childcare, household, and sanity. To mix all of that up, they decided to throw in a nice baking challenge for all to enjoy. The Rainbow-pancake-cake challenge was born! Participants made the infamous rainbow-pancake-cake and challenged 2 other families to do the same.