Webinar DSI Learning journey (“How to open a pirate nest in the neighborhood”)

On the 3rd of June 2019, the online workshop: DSI learning Journey (“How to open a pirate nest in the neighbourhood”) was organised by Soprasotto.

Our Bolognian partners participated in the Webinar along with our friends from MammaBo and presented the Families_Share project. Our partners provided information about our activities and requested feedback, opinion and suggestions concerning the involvement of individuals in mutual-help and sharing activities. Thanks to this webinar we were contacted by our wonderful friend Elda of the group in Pescara, that was also attending the workshop.
The recording of the workshop is available here!

A few words about Soprasotto:

How to build a space for the collective care of children in the age 0/3, self-managed by parents and teachers, SopraSotto workshop was founded in Milan in 2013 as an active response to the lack of public nests, a prevalent problem in large cities. Soprasotto is a model that is working for its micro and territorial dimension. The participation of parents in their coordination develops a sociality that goes beyond the project itself and contributes to greater cooperation between people who are living a very important phase of their lives. Soprasotto, in fact, is based on the concept that a place designed for children should be designed also for the parents, in order to accommodate all the challenges of contemporary parenting.