Smart Venice Online Families_Share Activities

Smart Venice Online Families_Share Activities

Video: The Smart Venice team produced an animated video presenting the Families_Share project both in Italian and in English. Once finalized, the video in Italian was disseminated both through e-mails (adding the YouTube link of the video directed to stakeholders (the Municipality of Venice, public playrooms, NGOs, etc.) and families, through WhatsApp groups of parents as well as the Italian CityLabs Facebook page. The English version instead was shared with the other partners of the project for dissemination and exploitation purposes. 

Social media: After the success of the first pilot activities, the Smart Venice team started a dissemination campaign through the Facebook page of the Italian City Labs, which at the moment counts of more than 400 likes. The campaign consisted mainly of the publication of the videos (edited by Vilabs – relevant WP leader) of the interviews of parents and children taking part in the first pilot activities. Moreover, subtitles in Italian were added to the videos in order to encourage people to watch them even without audio (as Facebook usually proposes videos). Some of the videos were also promoted in order to reach additional users. The social media campaign also concerned the dissemination of the new pilot activities to be carried out in winter. Indeed, dedicated posts were produced at first to disseminate a survey for collecting families’ needs and later to present the winter activities.

Flyers: 500 copies of the Families_Share brochure in Italian were printed. 400 copies were disseminated in schools and playrooms of the Municipality of Venice, in particular in the areas of Cannaregio, Marghera, and Campalto.

Website: the creation of a web page in the Smart Venice website dedicated to the Families_Share project and providing useful information about the project activities. The page was substituted with the City Lab portal once finalized. Also, the Municipality of Venice dedicated to the project a web page reporting info related to the pilot activities held in summer

Dissemination events: on the 11th of November 2019, the Smart Venice team met a new group of parents at the playroom of Campalto for presenting the Families Share project and the next winter activities 7 parents were attending the event and provided their contact info.