Smart Venice Meetups with parents and stakeholders

Smart Venice Meetups with parents and stakeholders

MEET-UP with parents:

Smart Venice organized a large number of meetings with parents first to disseminate and then arrange the first and second pilots. Smart Venice had numerous meetings with parents from early 2018, at the beginning of the project. As far as meetings which took place in 2019 and 2020 are concerned, the main ones are detailed below:

  • 16th of April 2019: The community managers organized 2 meetings on the same day, one with the psycho-pedagogical coordinator and the educators of a nursery school in Giudecca island, and the second one open to parents interested in participating in the summer pilot (7 families participated). During the first meeting, the two teachers and the psycho-pedagogical coordinator provided useful inputs and practical suggestions about the organization and implementation of the pilot activity, pointing out essential rules to communicate to participating parents especially related to the relationships between parents and their children. During the second meeting, after a brief presentation of the project and the proposed activity for the pilot for those new to Families_Share, the group discussed the individual contribution to the co-play week, through specific labs and activities.
  • 23rd of May 2019: Meeting with 6 parents in Cannaregio area, to present the Families Share activity and to start organizing the summer pilot.
  • 24th of May 2019: Meeting with a group of 6 parents in Marghera neighborhood to socialize and illustrate the Families_Share project and its model.
  • 11th of November 2019: First meeting in the Campalto public playroom to present the Families_Share project and to promote the winter pilot activities. 8 parents attended the presentation of the project, and 7 of them provided with their contact information to the community managers to be further informed about the project activities.
  • 9th of December 2019: Meeting in the Marghera public playroom, with 7 parents. This was the last organizational meeting before the Christmas holidays pilot. The different shifts were agreed among parents, and the co-playing agenda was set.
  • 13th of February 2020: Meeting in the Cannaregio public playroom, with 4 parents aiming to participate in the Carnival holidays pilot.

Meeting with stakeholders:

The Venice City Lab organized different meetings with stakeholders from the beginning of the project. For instance, the Municipality of Venice, as well as some local NGOs, were involved from the very beginning in order to explore possible synergies and collaborations. Concerning the most recent meetings with local stakeholders, they were aimed at preparing the second pilot activities to be conducted in summer. The most relevant are the following ones:

  • 12th of February 2020: Meeting with “Sestante Cooperative” to discuss the possibility of using the Families_Share model and app during their summer camps in Sant’Erasmo island.
  • 14th of February 2020: the community managers met the dean of IC San Marco (a complex of 5 public schools) in order to promote the Families Share approach for the school walking bus, already activated in 1 primary school of the complex. 5 people attended the meeting (the dean of the school, 1 secretary, 1 teacher, 1 parent school representative, 1 community manager)
  • 19th of February 2020: Meeting with the “Welfcare” project (Verona) to discuss the possible implementation of Families_Share in their playroom during the Easter and summer holidays.
  • 19th of February 2020: Meeting with the association “Cantiere Famiglie” (Martellago) to promote the project and activate a collaboration for routine activities and the summer pilot.
  • 12th of March 2020: Online meeting with the association “Didatticando” to discuss the possibility of jointly conduct some activities during summer.