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Due to the Coronavirus emergency, the Families_Share CityLabs have re-organized themselves to support parents and their children who will have to spend more time at home. The CityLabs are creating new ways to help parents organize online activities, in which everyone makes available some time and talent. This page will also collect resources and ideas from the web to inspire parents and children to co-create the activities.

How does it work?

1. Form your group and download the app

2. Create your account and the one(s) of your child(ren)

3. Create the group in the app

4. Create your activity, choosing from those proposed or invent new ones and …

Start with the activity and…


Attività da fare in gruppo

Brevi e semplici laboratori creativi e altre idee di attività da fare con un gruppetto di bambini/e!


Attività culturali ed esperimenti da svolgere a casa con bambini/e e ragazzi/e!


Attività individuali

Video per bambini/e per imparare l'inglese


Suggerimenti di visione di corti, lungometraggi o spettacoli per genitori e bambini/e


Favole e audio-libri per bambini/e di tutte le età


Supporto psicologico telefonico


How can the Families_Share team support me?


By connecting your family and your network with other interested parents to complete the group or, if you are alone, by putting you in touch with an existing group



By offering the technological tool useful for the activity planning. Use the app on your phone or in your web browser to organize and communicate with your group



Trust is crucial when children are involved. Families_Share can provide guidance on how to build trusted networks that self-organize to organize childcare activities



Families_Share can also help you in finding inspiration for organizing activities for children


Our Families_Share App is available on Android and IOS and you can download it for free. Our application supports you and your family to organise pre/after-school educational – leisure activities, so that children have the opportunity to learn new skills while having fun. Our application has been developed by parents from 4 EU countries and from 6 EU cities. We have explored their needs and together with them we have developed a friendly, easy to use, free of charge and safe application for you and your families. No need for a baby-sitter, for last minute calls and for anxiety. Register, be part of our family and let your community support you during your rush hours. Isn’t learning, playing and socialising better that TV? Well, we think it is! Proudly, the Families_Share Team

How to contact us!

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