Families_Share online support – #bettertogether

Families_Share online support – #bettertogether

PHF partners, developed a database with telephone numbers, contact details, and websites that provide support in maintaining mental health and managing crisis situations, as well as help to find a way around health, family, and work issues.

The database is available via the PFH website: https://szulokhaza.hu/segitseg/

If someone has a hard time navigating the lines or would like us to offer them free opportunities in a targeted way, he/she can also contact them with his/her individual questions on their online support line.

During the conversation, partners tried to help with information and provide support in a precarious life situation. The purpose of the conversations is to help those who turn to them to find their way, to direct them to the appropriate helplines, and to inform them directly from our data and knowledge base on issues that arise in connection with the current situation. People can book an appointment via the Hungarian Families_Share Facebook page, then we contact them on Zoom or Messenger.

The consultancy started on 14th April 2020.

PHF simultaneously communicated Families_Share on their social media platforms. To reach out to more families, they communicate on the main Facebook page of PHF and the Facebook page of Judit called NapiMami (Daily Mom in English). For instance, one of our post reached more than 13.000 people and generated nearly 1000 activities: