Firm foundations: The Cokido platform

March 7, 2018

Families_Share will co-design, develop and test an open source collective awareness platform, which will allow transnational participation and the exchange of best practices via the posting of parenting challenges and a system for calculating time credits. 

The Families_Share platform will build on the Cokido platform, developed and tested for project partner De Stuyverij. The initial results achieved by Cokido, and the tester feedback obtained from the local Belgian community, will be discussed at local and international Families_Share gatherings, making it possible to evaluate the services already being offered, integrate them with Families_Share, and suggest further complementary features. 

Cokido facilitates after-school childcare services, bringing neighbourhood families together through the organisation of a child allocation system, also offering advice on how to plan activities and go about drawing up a calendar. 

Via Cokido, project partner De Stuyverij (Flanders) is facilitating groups of approximately 10 parents to co-organise care during vacation periods using public spaces to host children. Families_Share intends to further expand the services provided by Cokido and integrate them with a time-banking model.